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LCB 2020

Bart & Nance Van Oeckel, who doesn’t know them? This ambitious, happy duo are the strength and resilience of the Long Distance club in Oud-Turnhout and also one of the most driven fanciers alive. No obstacle is big enough and working hard, very hard is a natural thing for both of them. This ambition resulted in an amazing project that is being built since 2015 namely the great move. They’ve built an entirely new loft of 54m on 7,5m, racing loft en aviaries alone. From this loft they won’t only fly the longer middle distance but also a part will be prepped for the longer races from 600km to 800km.

Bart has been working on a breeding loft since many years to bow for. Therefor they can’t only rely on only one strong base line but out of 2 base lines where the best of the best is being selected out.

It all started with blood line 1, ‘The Diamond line’, this is where the name ‘The Diamond loft’ comes from. Base breeder here is the ‘Zwarte Diamant’ (Black Diamond), a direct pigeon of L,B en J Geerinckx where the Van Oeckel family bred real headliners like for example ‘F16’ 1st National La Souterraine against 20,124 birds, 5th National Bourges against 24,676 birds, 10th National La Souterraine against 4,478 birds, 1st Pre-Olympic Cat. C Budapest 2012, 4th Olympiad pigeon Cat. C Nitra 2013, ….and is on his turn a marvelous breeder. Or what about ‘Miss Poznan’ 1st Olympiad pigeon Cat. C Poznan 2010, 8th National Ace pigeon Longer Middle Distance KBDB 2010,…

Bloodline number 2 is the ‘Tennis line’, base breeder fort his line is ‘Lendl’, breeder of ‘Ace pigeons’. Father of a.o. ‘Sjarapova’, ‘Nadal’, ‘Kournikova’, and so on…Their results and pedigrees can be find further on this website as it is too much to mention.

And then last but not least, their latest new acquisition and part of their plan to go to the long distance races, ‘Crazy Boy’, founder of blood line number 3, the ‘Crazy-line’. ‘Crazy Boy’, raced at wonder boy Erik Limbourg, raced a.o. 1st National Z Souillac old birds, 1st Chateauroux year birds, 10th National Bordeaux (12th International Bordeaux against 10,622 year birds). His entire palmaris can be find further on the website as well. References of ‘Crazy Boy’ can’t be found yet in Oud-Turnhout as he only moved in 2015 from Brussegem to Oud-Turnhout.

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